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Real Options Analysis:Tools and Techniques for Valuing Strategic Investments and Decisions

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Most investors and risk managers are familiar with financial options. But the real option structure is embedded in billions of dollars of stocks traded every day, and strategic or investment decisions made by many companies. This book provides a qualitative description of real options, the methods used in solving real options, why and when they are used, and the applicability of these methods in decision-making. In addition, multiple business cases and real-life scenarios are discussed. Fully revised, this book provides the most flexible approach for evaluating and valuing capital investment strategies, and the software tools necessary for decision-making support. It now includes a one-month trial software package, with the valuable real options to 1) extend the trial license timeperiod or 2) convert from the trial package to unrestricted access of the Super Binomial Lattice software ($1,000 retail price) at a discounted price

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