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Frontiers In Derivatives:State-of-the-Art Models, Valuation, Strategies & Products

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Derivatives are revolutionizing the financial world. However, it's difficult for most financial professionals to stay abreast of this fast-changing and complex area--until now. Covering pricing models, valuation methods, and new instruments, Frontiers in Derivatives provides a complete and unbiased view of the latest developments in the derivatives field. The book breaks new ground in a number of topical areas, including valuation of complex options and insurance derivatives. Authoritative and comprehensive, the book features contributions from several leading experts, including Fischer Black, Emanuel Derman, and Philip Wilmott. For financial professionals who use derivatives daily, Frontiers in Derivaties is a must-read volume. Specific topics include: Mathematical models for exotic options; Valuing derivatives linked to foreign assets; Static options replication; Understanding the option component in variable annuities.

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