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Trend Trading:Timing Market Tides

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At last! Powerful trend following methods adapted and explained for small equity investors. Trend following has proven itself to be an extremely profitable long term trading strategy in the futures markets. Although literature exists on the philosophy and basic methods of futures trend following, there is very little literature about the application of trend following techniques to equity investing. This book fills that gap in a powerful way. The futures markets are tremendously different from the equity markets. While a futures portfolio can be diversified across multiple asset classes, an equity portfolio is confined to only one, and thus generally has a much higher degree of correlation between its instruments. The equity markets also have thousands more tradable instruments than the futures markets, making selection of equity positions an art unto itself. Successfully trading equities with trend following techniques thus requires unique insights, money management techniques and trade timing methods. This book shows how to incorporate trend following techniques into the trade planning process, from timing trades in individual equities or equity baskets to managing portfolio cash levels. It is tailored to investors who want to use elements of trend following strategies in their equity portfolios - without spending a fortune on the expensive research systems used by large firms. It presents unique investment tools and advanced technical analysis methods in simple, commonsense terms.

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