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Convertible arbitrage:insights and techniques for successful hedging

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Master convertible arbitrage and put profits within reac

"Finally, we have a comprehensive, practical, and lucid book on convertible arbitrage from one of the most seasoned investors in this growing asset class."

"Nick Calamos is one of the most experienced and successful convertible bond managers in the mutual fund industry. Who better to explain convertible arbitrage strategies?"

"Convertible Arbitrage is an indispensable resource, and is required reading for all fund of funds analysts and portfolio managers that cover this strategy."

In good markets and bad, convertible arbitrage can give investors the best of both worlds: the safety of bonds and all the possibilities of stock-like performance.

This is partly why convertible arbitrage–following the larger trend of hedge funds–has moved to center stage in the last decade. But profiting from this increasingly popular investment strategy takes much more than knowing a few ground rules. It takes Convertible Arbitrage: Insights and Techniques for Successful Hedging

Written by leading investment authority Nick P. Calamos, this comprehensive, just-in-time book covers:

What the convertible arbitrage strategy is and what distinguishes it from other hedging techniques How to tap into successful convertible valuation models The full range of hedges, from tilted and leveraged hedges to swaps and option hedging And more!

Nick P. Calamos is the first recipient of the Excellence in Fund Management Award for Calamos Growth and Income Fund, bestowed by S&P and BusinessWeek

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