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The leadership investment : how the world's best organizations gain strategic advantage through leadership development

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Economies rise and fall. Technologies come and go. But companies that develop outstanding leadership within their ranks can weather any business storm. "Leadership," say authors Fulmer and Goldsmith, "is the future's only source of sustainable competitive advantage." Their new book presents a sweeping overview of the best practices in leadership development today. Rich with the distilled experiences of the world's most advanced programs, THE LEADERSHIP INVESTMENT focuses on six exemplary organizations and their varied approaches to leadership development: * Arthur Andersen--its unparalleled use of quantifiable data in assessing the impact of its extensive educational efforts * General Electric--known for its Crotonville "campus," often called "a staging ground for corporate revolutions * Hewlett-Packard--how it made the transition to the computer industry through geographic, ethnic, and gender diversity * Johnson & Johnson--its use of "Executive Conferences" to wipe out complacency and short-term thinking * Royal Dutch Shell--how it developed "scenarios" as a tool for future-focused learning * The World Bank--its one-week "poverty modules," when participants live in environments like those they exist to serve. With additional examples from business schools, corporate universities, and consultancies, THE LEADERSHIP INVESTMENT reveals many intriguing approaches for creating tomorrow's leaders.

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