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改變未來的100件事:2020年全球百大趨勢是偉門智威智庫(Wunderman Thompson Intelligence)年度重量級的趨勢報告,整合全球策略人員的分析報告與數據,列出未來的趨勢、消費者洞察以及創新模式。



Review the known, master the new, explore the unknown. " 2020 The Future 100 " was written before the outbreak of COVID-19 and published at the time as it's spreading around the world.

Since the beginning of 2020, coronavirus has been spreading like wildfire around the world. As the pandemic rages, the hustle and bustle of big cities were replaced by empty streets. Another financial crisis is inevitable. The virus has changed the lives of thousands of people, the impact is difficult to measure. In the unknown future, human beings are facing unprecedented challenges. In this turbulent time, people began to have many different reflections. Big crisis has reverse people’s beliefs. These new trends are bound to deeply affect everyone in the up-coming decade.

2020 The Future 100 is Wunderman Thompson Intelligence’s flagship annual publication. This report combines the analysis and data researched by the strategy team of Wunderman Thompson all over the world. It charts emerging and future global trends, consumer insights, and innovation patterns.

This report unveils many things that are happening around the world. It covers culture, technology and innovation, travel and hospitality, brands and marketing, food and drink, beauty, retail, luxury, health and finance. It’s the 100 essential things you must know.

Every trend leads to numerous business opportunities. With this book, Wunderman Thompson will take you to the future in a simple and digestible way.


Wunderman Thompson 偉門智威
2019年,由創立於1864年,世界第一家廣告公司—智威湯遜 (J. Walter Thompson)與全球頂尖數位公司—偉門 (Wunderman)合併而成,隸屬於全球最大傳播集團—WPP。
以「創意、數據及科技」為核心的偉門智威Wunderman Thompson ,致力於提供客戶最佳生意解決方案。

本書主要的編寫團隊—偉門智威智庫(Wunderman Thompson Intelligence),此智庫負責研究全球趨勢,研究範圍包括:未來趨勢、消費者變化和創新模式,讓讀者能夠更加了解國際趨勢且提供品牌經營、產品服務開發與行銷等方向。

關於Wunderman Thompson Intelligence
偉門智威智庫是偉門智威面向未來思考的研究和創新單位,負責觀察剛興起的現象以及未來的全球趨勢、消費型態變化、創新發展模式,並在進一步解讀這些趨勢後,將其見解提供給品牌參考。本單位提供一系列諮詢服務,包含客製化研究、簡報、聯名品牌報告、專題討論,也勇於創新,與品牌合作,在品牌框架下引領未來趨勢,並執行新產品與概念。本單位由偉門智威智庫的全球總監Emma Chiu所帶領。

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